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                Turn-Key Installation Services               

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MC West's critical facilities construction group is ideally suited for small and medium projects.  Although we specialize in Design-Build projects, we can also work with owners who have special bid process needs.  We can deliver full construction estimates accurately and quickly.  We rely on experience to deliver successful project completions time after time.  Our Project Managers are proactive in finding solutions to difficult project issues including seismic withstand, code issues, scripting & client approval process, factory & site test logistics & assurance, safety issues, and more.

Critical Facilities Infrastructure:  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, Continuous Power Systems (CPS), diesel generator / ATS/AOTS systems, static transfer switches, flywheel systems,  UPS battery systems, power distribution, monitoring, CRAC / HVAC, flooring, fire suppression, access / security.

Services:  Feasibility study, design, engineering, drawings, permitting, procurement, shipping, rigging, seismic installation, wiring, cooling, FAT & SAT testing, final commissioning, cutover scripting/CEWA, complete project management.   We have completed well over 100 live data center and critical infrastructure upgrades for Fortune 500 clientele on time and on budget.  There is never "finger pointing" on MC West projects.   We specialize in live work, primarily at Tier II, III and IV data centers.  This means critical loads are live and cannot be completely or often even partially shut down due to any planned or unplanned event.  MC West is proud to say we have never dropped load or impacted a client in any way during a live cut-over.


                       Completion of turnkey UPS installation & power quality consulting project for major data center client in Southern CA.   

Unique seismic retrofit of 6 MVA UPS flooded battery room using above slab W6 steel                          Completion of turnkey UPS installation  project for major data center client in So CA.


MC West and its principals have successfully commissioned over 150 complete TurnKey Design/Build UPS and critical power equipment installations in the Western USA.  Projects often also include  feasibility studies, peer review of other power quality consultant or consulting engineering firm work efforts, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) vendor evaluation, uninterruptible power supply design & installation analysis, UPS battery backup system & emergency power installation services, battery Vs flywheel evaluations,  power quality audits and utility disturbance monitoring equipment rental (power monitor rentals - click here) and factory and/or site testing services.  We also offer UPS system maintenance evaluations & recommendations, complete UPS battery replacement,  new or refurbished Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or power quality equipment procurement assistance. 

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