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                         Power Monitor Rentals                              



Monitor YOUR utility!       Test YOUR UPS batteries & grounds! 


FLIR i5, i7 - DRANETZ 658, 646, 626, 808 - Fluke 434 - YOKOGAWA CW240 - AMPROBE DM-III & HA1000  Disturbance Monitors for rent!

The first step towards an effective power protection plan is knowing exactly what type and duration of power disturbances you are experiencing.      M C West not only performs power quality analyses and site monitoring studies, but we lease or rent disturbance analyzers as well on 7 day, 30 day and 90 day terms.  Equipment list includes a wide variety of FLIR, Dranetz, BMI, YOKOGAWA, Fluke and Amprobe utility disturbance analyzers, power quality monitors, thermal imaging cameras, and electric power demand monitors. Availability is subject to on-going client project demand.  Installation & application services are optional. Contact info@mcwestinc.com for information and pricing.


FLIR i5 and i7 for Rent!   Thermal Imaging to Prevent Disaster

(Loose connections resulting in overheating) Maintenance and power testing have historically been intrusive, technically difficult, and time-consuming.  The FLIR i5/i7 thermal imaging camera is a necessary tool in determining loose connections or other potentially crippling issues.  Unlike other equipment, the FLIR i5/i7 is non-intrusive and mitigates the risk of an electrician bringing down your operations in err.



(Loose connections resulting in overheating)

Both the FLIR i5 and i7 could potentially save your company millions of dollars in losses, so click here to compare the i5 and i7

State-of-the-Art Midtronics Ultra UPS Battery Testers for rent!

Bad batteries are the number one cause of load loss at UPS-equipped facilities.   Make sure yours are up to snuff!   Voltage:
1.5 - 20.0 Volts DC, Conductance: 100 - 19,990 Siemens, Test Data Storage: 500 string locations of 480 test results stored internally, Accuracy: + 2% across test range, Voltmeter Resolution: 5 mV, User Programmable, Functions:  Preset values for over 250 battery types.  Includes IR printer, chargers, probes, instructions. 



Energy Monitoring  -   KW, KVAR, KVA, PF, Demand

In this LEED day and age of rising energy costs, every facility should know what its power usage profile looks like.   We offer a variety of monitors & test equipment to do just that.


User-friendly clamp-on AEMC & Sperry Ground Resistance Testers for rent!

Faulty grounding and high ground resistance are the cause of more power quality problems than all power outages and deep sags combined.  M C West not only performs ground resistance studies, but we lease or rent equipment for testing as well on 7 day, 30 day and 90 day terms.  Ground resistance to 0.002 ohm resolution, ground leakage current to 0.001mA resolution.  Includes standard calibration loop, batteries, instructions.



Dranetz parts , Dranetz manuals, prior generation & de-commissioned working disturbance monitors also available !


De-commissioned Dranetz 606-3 Disturbance Analyzer..........Original List: $2850.00......Now $385.00!!

 The old workhorse of the PQ industry.  No harmonics or hard drive storage here, but great for date-stamped sag, overvoltage transient and basic outage recording at 10% of the price of new.  Complete with built-in thermal printer, spare printer paper & manual.  Write for specs & warranty info.



Write for current equipment offerings & pricing to info@mcwestinc.com


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