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                          Consulting Services                             


MC West provides a variety of consulting services to clients in the mission critical infrastructure industries.   These clients include Fortune 500 & government data centers,  semiconductor, pharmaceutical  & other critical industrial firms,  TV & media clients, UPS equipment manufacturers themselves, and even other A&E / power quality consulting firms.   The majority of power quality problems in the USA are actually caused, not by utility problems, but by simple but oft-times very confusing grounding and wiring issues.  We can help you sort it all out and perhaps even avoid an unnecessary capital purchase of UPS or other mitigation equipment. 

MC West's consulting services include:

  • Power Quality surveys - site audits, ground resistance measurements, transformer/panel IR scans, surge & lightning suppression design, load segregation & THD analysis, comprehensive reports.

  • Reliability Studies -  MTBF, MTTR, Availability.  Empirical / MIL217 / Telcordia / Fault Tree

  • UPS / mitigation equipment feasibility studies, power protection planning, due diligence

  • Critical power upgrade evaluation, specification, implementation

  • GREEN UPS & CPS Evaluations - High efficiency yes, but at what cost?

  • Critical power  equipment commissioning -  Factory & Site acceptance testing, specification compliance, getting past "smoke & mirrors".

  • "Rotary Vs Static" and "Flywheel Vs Battery" cost-benefit determinations

  • Tier II - IV cutover & risk abatement planning & scripting (CEWA, etc) 

  • Power disturbance audits / power analysis equipment rentals

Power Monitor Rentals - click here!

  • Expert UPS & PQ equipment vendor comparisons

  • Training sessions & seminars - Critical Facilities Power technology differences

  • Power Quality industry consultancy services

  • Peer Review (of in-house or outsourced Power Quality and Power Protection Studies/Reports)

  • Owner's representative services (PQ Specific)

  • Short circuit analysis, load flow analysis, breaker coordination studies

  • Executive and Marketing management consulting

  • Expert witness services



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