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Power outages and poor power quality cost the US economy alone some $119 Billion (ref: EPRI) annually.  Over $12 Billion is spent  on power protection worldwide, with over $7 Billion on UPS  systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply systems) alone, to mitigate these losses.  Power quality consultants are almost mandatory in today's dynamic world of mission critical electric power.  With the wide raft of emerging power technologies, choosing the wrong one can be disastrous.  MC West, world renowned experts in this field, can help guide you through the minefield.

Power quality consulting is truly a high impact profession, with clients seeking 100% availability 7 x 24.  The cost of downtime from a single outage can run in the millions of dollars, and may even result in lives lost.   A qualified power quality consultant must therefore be highly experienced in construction, vendor analysis, electrical engineering, reliability engineering, project management, predictive maintenance, emerging technologies such as flywheels and new generation battery systems, and real world ROI (Return On Investment) determinations.  Few in fact actually are.  That power quality consultant must then be able to apply the right technology for the application at hand, and do it in a way that does not put the client at risk.  Mission Critical West's power quality consultants have done exactly that for over 25 years.  Our principals have direct experience in critical infrastructure design & application engineering,  as well as installation and service of almost every type of UPS system, UPS battery system, and flywheel system available today, often helping builders of these systems design the final products.  We  train large A&E and Design-Build firm power engineering personnel in the latest offerings in emerging technology & critical facilities infrastructure equipment.   This is keenly important today, since flywheel UPS and CPS systems have clear GREEN advantages which must be balanced with certain disadvantages particular to each site and each vendor.  One popular MC West specialty is Peer Review of other large Consulting Engineering Project work.  In this mode, clients find us extremely cost-effective in rapidly finding misses and options often overlooked.  We excel here because we have, quite literally, been there, done that in 95% of cases and do not have to charge clients to come up to speed as so many other firms require.

Mission Critical West, Inc. (M C West) is also a leading supplier of critical infrastructure construction project management services, mission critical product development services, monitoring and


maintenance services support, and complete "TurnKey" UPS / critical electrical infrastructure installations.  We are licensed critical facilities contractors as well as acknowledged experts in power protection technology worldwide, and specialize in live data center construction projects at Tier III & Tier IV class facilities.  

Standard service offerings include critical facilities reliability and availability  evaluations, power quality site audits, UPS Battery vs. Flywheel or UltraCap determinations, Rotary Vs Static critical power determinations, power quality monitoring, critical power equipment installation project management, owners agency services, peer review of larger multi-discipline firm work, and a wide variety of other power quality consulting services.  We pride ourselves on both outperforming and out-pricing the large multi-functional firms for specialized critical power project work.  MC West is based in Southern California and our power quality consultants support client efforts both nationally and internationally.




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