"Commissioning is often the first budget item sacrificed, and, ironically,  one of the most critical to mission success"


      Mission Critical Facilities Infrastructure Consulting      



Availability Analyses, Critical Facilities Design & Peer Review, UPS / CPS System Evaluations, Commissioning, Owners Agency, Critical Construction Project Management Services, Power Quality Consulting




With over 25 years of experience, and a "no misses" industry reputation of successful critical power project experience, MC West is regarded as one of the leading critical facilities consulting firms in its field. Project work includes data center design, peer review, commissioning services, owners agency, critical facilities project management services, complete Design-Build UPS/ genset installations, flywheel/CPS/battery consulting, data center / container design, and construction strategic planning.  Most of our work involves ultra-critical Tier III/IV live data centers and Teleports, though we also do a significant amount of new site/green field work.



2011 Paper & Conference Presentation Schedule

NOV 2011 Mission Critical Magazine The Battle Lines are Drawn, New UPS Designs take hold in the Marketplace

JUN 30, 2011 DataCenterDynamics Conference, SF:  Evolution of Remote High Criticality Teleport/Gateway Data Centers

MAY 2011 Consulting-Specifying Eng webcast Expert Guidance on Standby Power Systems

APR 2011 Data Center Magazine cover article:  UPS Systems for Data Centers, the State of the Industry

FEB 2011 Green Data Center Conference, San Diego:  Managing Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

JAN 2011  FOX NEWS:  Alternative Energy Future Trends/Issues



Email us at info@mcwestinc.com with business contact information for rates and references.  Also available are archived industry papers, speeches, and presentations by Dennis P. DeCoster, Executive Principal of Mission Critical West, and one of the world's leading authorities on mission critical facilities infrastructure (see Resources)


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Also available upon request, the hallmark study...

The Large UPS Product Evaluation Report

This study, with initial release in 2009, examines the state-of-the-art offerings by eight of the largest* Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturers in the 500 KVA and larger capacity range.  Mid 2010 release currently available, with Q4 2011 pending.  The Report is almost 100 pages and includes a variety of MCW-proprietary detailed comparisons covering the following areas:

  • Dynamic Performance (Step loading, fault clearing, harmonics handling, etc.)

  • Reliability/ Availability

  • Scalability and Redundancy Issues

  • Green Issues (Efficiency, recycle concerns, overall power consumption, rebate potential, etc.)

  • Logistical Concerns (Space, weight, seismic)

  • Service and Support (Relative strength/weakness of service organizations and apps support)

  • Price/LCC Cost (relative - absolute pricing varies with markets & geographies.)

  • Flywheels, Lithium and Nickel battery trends, and much more

Key areas of concern for Facility Engineers, IT Managers, Green Initiative Supervisors, and Consulting Engineering firms are dealt with in real world terms.  The trade-off of mission reliability/availability for improved efficiency and green impact for manufacture's new product releasers.  What works and what doesn't, experientially.  What you can believe and what you should not, regarding manufacturer claims.  Why some UPS/CPS systems that tout high efficiency fall flat in actual testing at real world loading.  In short, the "bible" for any team contemplating a larger UPS purchase within the next year.

The authors are acknowledged experts in UPS technology with 30 years of experience in critical facilities design, UPS system application engineering, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, including specific hands-on experience with well over 100 UPS installations in the multi-hundred KW and Multi-MW range.  This 58 page study incorporates vendor factory input (including substantial factory tests when authorized), actual end user interviews, in-house testing data, commissioning data, product technical specifications, and related data.

* by world market share

Pricing available upon request

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