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    Power Quality Surveys, Site Audits - Why Exactly?   


Most site surveys M C West performs are initiated because of disturbances that upset critical processes and/or equipment.  It is quite common for owners / clients to believe,  initially, they need a UPS system or some other expensive solution to fix their issue.  Many worry the site audit is therefore moot, adding expense to a foregone conclusion.   In actual fact, most power quality problems do not require expensive equipment upgrades at all.

The majority of existing industrial and commercial facilities are improperly wired and/or grounded for running today's critical loads.  Whether the loads are computers, or extruders, a well-performing power system ALWAYS starts with basics.  The most expensive UPS-Genset system in the world will not save you if your site is plagued by basic wiring errors.  A complete M C West power quality site audit begins with inspection and evaluation of key parameters and dependencies which may include ground resistance, ground-neutral bonding, neutral sizing, panel ground & neutral levels, secondary single point ground designs, impedance & resistance evaluation, surge & transient protection, EMI, RFI and coupled noise threat, and more.   Depending upon facilities being surveyed, just one to three days of site time is all that is required to collect data for evaluation and generation of our findings & recommendations report.  In most cases, the expense of the UPS,  STS, or other power protection solution, is avoided all together.  Not only does the $2000 to $5000 investment save many times that in power protection equipment cost avoidance, but the recurring cost savings from maintenance and added utility cost are completely avoided as well.

Even when power protection equipment is required, a good site audit will often optimize the necessary size and installation of that equipment, and even insure that expensive equipment itself is not subject to unnecessary stress and failure.

 For more information, or to talk to an expert in UPS costs and site audit techniques, write to: support@mcwestinc.com



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