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What Our Clients Say About M C West

At Mission Critical West, our performance in live 7 x 24 data center environments is unmatched. Client uptime for projects completed is in excess of 99.9995%. Following are client testimonials for some of the hundreds of project work assignments completed by M C West personnel. Projects were as small as monitoring equipment rentals, or as large as 10 MW data center design/commissioning. Industries include Telecom, Data Center, Chip Fabrication, Government, Healthcare, etc.



A sample client list of projects by M C West & its principals includes:

County of Los Angeles Disney Kaiser Hospitals Chevron
Pac Bell (SBC) Caltrans Goldman Sachs  UC Berkeley
Boeing/Northrop Visa City of Redondo Beach



DIVEO Networks GlobalCenter SYSKA HENNESSEY  Artisan Partners
Mattel   Citicorp  So Cal Edison


PanAmSat Intel Baxter Pharmaceutical USAF
Nike   UCLA Trump Casinos VYCON
TRW-Northrop So Cal Gas Allstate Insurance Pragmaxis
Times Mirror Fox TV  Isuzu Motors Alliance Capital
Ashland Marathon U S ARMY LESCO Cobasys
YAMAHA SILICONIX Sun MicroSystems Gyzen Associates
City National Bank FAA Hewlett Packard McKinsey & Co
ViaSat  Dow Chemical Gerson Lehrman USC

Projects included power quality site audits & reports, reliability/availability assessments, commissioning of UPS/GEN/ATS/HVAC/FIRE/batteries/BMS, peer review, complete Design-Build installations of UPS, battery and/or diesel genset, flywheel Vs battery evaluations, emergency battery replacement projects, critical facilities construction management, reliability upgrade migration studies, product development services, existing  site assessments / greenfield assessments, emerging technology reports, and management consulting on strategic critical infrastructure planning, space planning, life costing, vendor evaluations and maintenance programs.


Sample Testimonials

A Major Data Processing Operation:

"While providing extensive computing services to a major client, their immediate need for modern electrical failover capability became apparent.  MC West was brought in to do a "Turn Key" design-build replacement of an old, unreliable & oversized 600 KVA UPS system.  This complex project involved complete reconfiguration of wiring, but went absolutely smoothly from drawings to final commissioning of the new 200+ KVA UPS & battery plant.  Everything was on budget and on time despite air-freighting the UPS to make a deadline.  The new UPS and battery plant provided a seamless ride-through during an unscheduled utility power outage that occurred the very weekend after it was installed!  Kudos to Mr. DeCoster for being on site personally to manage the details all the way through.  The client is  delighted and so am I."

Chad Decatur, Data Center Manager and Consultant, Board President, AFCOM (Assoc for Computer Operations Mgrs), Orange County Chapter


A Major Television Broadcast Operation:

"One of our main broadcast three phase UPS systems failed, catastrophically and completely unexpectedly.  It was a total loss and we had to do something fast.  We called MC West.  They not only got a new (and better!) UPS out that day, they custom built a new battery system since none was available from the UPS manufacturer in time for our requirement.  The entire system was replaced and back on-line within days."

Confidential Client, West Coast Broadcast Operations

A Major County Data Processing Center:

"Mission Critical West was chosen to perform a complete TurnKey UPS installation project for LA County.  The project involved procurement and seismic installation of a new 300 KVA UPS system, 30 day load study, feasibility evaluation of placement locations, stamped drawings, new switchgear, rewiring, etc.  During the time of installation, we had a major building asbestos renovation in work which knocked out our HVAC for weeks.  Despite all this, the new system was commisioned on time and on budget.  Congratulations to MC West!"

Pablo Carrera, Data Ctr Manager, Los Angeles County Office of Education

A Western US Manufacturer:

"SDI retained Mission Critical West to complete a TurnKey installation of a new UPS & battery system, as well as new 48 VDC Telecom power plant for our California site.  Even though they had to work through a few vendor issues, they managed to complete the project on time & without adder.  Nice job!"

Shane Allen, Information Systems Manager, Special Devices Inc.

City Government Operation:

"The City retained Mission Critical West to write bid specifications, consult with City personnel, and perform project management for the installation of new UPS and battery systems in both our Data Center and our 911 emergency response center.  Everything went without a hitch and both systems are now on-line protecting the city."

Information Systems Specialist, (contact name & city available on request)

Strategic Defense Installation:

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Mission Critical West, and particularly Dennis DeCoster, for the invaluable assistance he gave our team on technology issues.  It is rare to find someone so expert in all aspects of both static and rotary UPS power technology, from equipment to services.  Our Uplink support issues were rather complex.  MC West made the decision process seem easy.  Thanks much for the support. "

Confidential Client, USA Based Operations


File:2 SOPS space systems operator 040205-F-0000C-001.jpg

A Simple PQ Monitor Rental site:

"The equipment is working nicely.  I have detected with the equipment voltage and harmonic anomalies for which I have contacted Xcel, the power company in Colorado.

I took some measurements at another location in the building and came up with far worse third and fifth harmonics, more than double the 5%.  Again, thanks for the equipment, it is doing exactly what I wanted."

Bennie O Walton, Inverness Hotel and Conference Center



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